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Solve all your practice problems with new Tap Dance Practice Pads! Tap at home, in studio or on the go without scratching floors, disturbing the neighbors or slipping around!
Practice Pads provide a portable dance space suitable for all percussive dance styles.
The top layer is a light weight non-slip vinyl. It has a central foam layer to absorb sound and provide cushioning on harder surfaces.
It's non-slip underside will stop it from slipping around and with its durable materials you will be able to practice for hours on end!
Practice Pads are ideally laid on hard flat surfaces - wood, tile, ceramic etc., they also work great on sturdy carpets.
They lay flat when its practice time and roll up for easy storage after.

The Original Tap Dance Practice Pad is intended for dancers of all ages, on-the-go, in studio or at home.
Dimensions: 35.5" x 47.25"
Available in original, unique Art Deco Tap design
Delivered to your door in 5-12 days